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How many users can I have?

The number of users you can have is determined by which QuickBooks subscription you choose for your business. QuickBooks Simple Start allows a single user; QuickBooks Essentials allows three users; and QuickBooks Plus allows five.

Does QuickBooks limit the number the users?

Yes. Each QuickBooks Online level limits the number of users who can access your account. QuickBooks Simple Start allows a single user; QuickBooks Essentials allows three users; and QuickBooks Plus allows five.

If I am already working with an accountant, can I still partner with CRS Bookkeeping Plus to manage my books?

Yes, you can still partner with CRS Bookkeeping Plus even if you are already working with an accountant. In fact, many accountants prefer that you work with a bookkeeper to assure the accuracy of your day-to-day business transactions, and to conduct periodic reviews of your data prior to their annual audit and year-end close.

If I am already using the desktop version of QuickBooks, do I have to switch to the online version?

No. You do not have to switch your accounting data to QuickBooks Online. However, it is suggested so that all your accounting information is managed and stored in one central location. Doing so provides greater efficiency and cost-savings.

If I am already using another accounting software product, do I have to switch to

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How do I know which QuickBooks Online level is best for my business? QuickBooks currently offers four plans –

Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced – each meeting specific business needs. QuickBooks Simple Start is the most basic. It is best suited for start-up businesses, gives access to a single user, and meets basic bookkeeping needs. QuickBooks Essentials works best for businesses that have heavy accounts payable and gives access to three users. QuickBooks Online Plus offers most features, was designed for large businesses, and gives access to five users.

What are the major differences between the desktop and online versions of QuickBooks?

Both products are exceptional and offer true double-entry accounting principles and have both accrual and cash basis accounting. The major differences are experienced in the invoicing, reporting, and contact management features. QuickBooks Online allows greater flexibility for creating custom invoices and cloud-based automations that the Desktop version does not. Additionally, the QuickBooks Online version allows for the use apps for better efficiency and receipt of payments. Desktop has more robust reporting, but that is difficult to customize. QuickBooks Online offers up to 80 depending upon which plan you choose. Both offer the standard reports expected from any accounting software – balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statement, etcetera. QuickBooks Online now offers a feature called QuickBooks Live where you can pay for professional support from certified QuickBooks Online accountants and CPAs. Neither QuickBooks Online nor QuickBooks Desktop Pro offer built-in payroll. However, you can purchase an add-on QuickBooks Online Payroll subscription. If you are using the Desktop Pro version, you can upgrade to the Desktop Enterprise version, that has QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll built-in.

Do I have to purchase my own QuickBooks that is separate from your CRS Bookkeeping Plus?

No. I can add your business to my Online Accountant QuickBooks account and discount your monthly usage fee.

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